1. Do we need volunteers ? 

YES. Volunteers are always welcome.

 2. Who can volunteer ?
ANYONE  (Recommend over age 12 or supervised by an adult)
Students doing 40 hours of community service 
Elizabeth Fry Referrals 
Court Referrals 
Springboard Referrals
Groups > From Schools, Churches, Companies or Sports Teams (please pre-arrange)
     (Recommend 10 or less, max 20 individuals)

 3. What do I need to bring to Volunteer ?
One x $10 admin fee
 smile and a caring heart for those in need.

Everyone is welcome.

 4. When can I volunteer ?
Any day we operate.

Volunteers must arrive at 9:45 for orientation.  
We will not allow any new volunteers once we start serving families at 10. 
No sign outs prior to 12:30.
        Absolutely No electronic devices while volunteering.

Just introduce yourself to our receptionist and say 
“You are here to volunteer, NOT for assistance”  
Then you enter right away.

 5. Do I need an appointment to volunteer ?

 6. What do I do while volunteering ?
We receive donations everyday, they need to be sorted
a. Food donations > Sorted, dates checked, put on shelves (Picked up)
b. Clothes donations > Folded and sorted (boys, girls, babies, adults, teens)
c. Household donations > Sorted, cleaned and shelved
  d. Assist with care of Center > To Health Board Standards
(washing > shelves, floors, bathrooms, dishes, windows, sweeping, garbage etc.)