Youth and Philanthropy


St Agustine Secondary School 
Amelia Joseph, Isaiah Noel and Emily Hughes

St. Edmund Campion; Daniel Reid and Group.)

Bramalea Secondary School; Steve, Brian, Will.
Ascension of Our Lord; Rhianna Sankar, Julia Ayyoub, Lanisha Da Costa

YPI  Participants Through the years

(Oct 2018 )
St Edmund Campion Secondary School, Marcus Gaymes and Group.

(May 2013)
Cardinal Ambrozic Secondary;  Kelsey Cruz  and Alyssa  

(Mar 2012)
St. Edmund Campion Secondary School; Sarah Nunes-Pavao Catherine Rodriques Ryan Bertaut
St. Edmund Campion Secondary School ; Joshua Gonzaga Nick Pusateri Tristan Clarke Justin Medeiros

(Jan 2011)
St. Edmund Campion School;  Janeek     

(March 2010)
Bramalea Secondary; Martika Vassel & Group   

(May 2010) 
Bramalea Secondary; Dhairya Patel & Group   

(Oct 2010)
Bramalea Secondary; Gary & Group 
St. Edmund Campion School; Bryan Trevor Aaron Ademola   
Bramalea Secondary School; Premilan Thiyagarajah Alex Buikema Alex Toigoe   
St. Edmund Campion; Tino Mermigas Paisley Miguel

(Dec 2009)

St. Edmund Campion School; Johanna Selga & Group
Bramalea Secondary; Peter Dhingsa & Group

Thank you ALL for your YPI Initiatives  20,000.00 raised through your hard work