Keep it LOCAL

BRAMPTON we need your help to spread our message


This time of year the television, radio, newspapers and social media is full of large organizations and very worthy causes campaigning for support.  So many food items, toys and funding dollars are given generously to these agencies……LOCATED IN TORONTO.  For this reason, we have been finding that with each passing year our donations drastically continue to decline.  For smaller organizations like the Ste. Louise Outreach in Brampton, it is very hard to compete, times keep getting tougher and our local residents are feeling the effects. 

Some months we cannot provide balanced food orders or give all the extra basic living necessities to those who come through our doors.  Some months we can barely keep the roof over our own head.  We want to bring attention to local residents about what is happening right here in our community, perhaps one of your neighbor, a child in your children’s school, or a family member might be struggling right now.

The Ste Louise Outreach is a registered charity that has been serving Brampton’s less fortunate for the past 34 years.  Were 100% volunteer based.  This year, we have had an average of 1900-2650 families walk through our doors each month.  They consist of single mom’s, teen moms, seniors, abused women and children, individuals out of work, individuals with physical or emotional illnesses and newcomers.  We provide food (fresh,frozen & canned), clothing, household items, cleaning product, baby necessities, school supplies and NEW toys.

Our programs and services need funding to operate efficiently.  We have outgrown our facility.  Bigger locations are either to pricey for our operating budget or the owners don’t want to rent to an organization like ours.  To top it all off this year we were given the bad news about our vehicle’s life coming to and end.  There is a big need right here at home.  You can change a life AND save an organization.  

Every year we are blessed with an abundance of food and toy donations, from caring and extremely generous individuals, stores, local companies and churches.  We have enough pasta in the center right now to feed an army for a year.  Every child will be spoiled with new toys.  By Dec 24th the facility will be well stocked to help families for six months.  Funding levelshowever, are a very different story, we are at a record low.  The last three years, donations have run out after 3-4 months.  Each summer gets more challenging to make ends meet.  So many are depending on us.

Our food bank / outreach program is in dire need of funding 
to purchase essential food items that we rarely receive but desperately need, funding to maintain and expand our life-skills programs, funding towards a new vehicle and funds to keep a roof over our heads.    Remember that hunger, poverty and homelessness is an issue here in Brampton that we need to address ALL YEAR not just at Christmas.  Together we can end the cycle.   Please give generously, you would truly be making a difference. This Christmas Please “KEEP IT LOCAL”  

 Contact Info:  Email: 
       Tel: 905-454-2144 or 416-704-0946.