Jack Astor's

This year was the 3rd Annual BarComp for Ste. Louise.  

What a wonderful way to spend an evening, watching Jack Astor's Brampton show off their Bartenders magnificent skills.

Congratulations to all Participants through the years:

Rebecca Carvalho, Tara Francisco, Rachel Freer, Dan Gallagher, Mike Gareri, Desiree Hamade, Cassie Macvicar, Casey Mascarin,  Aimy Nguyen, Michael Pecherle, Andres Urroz
. and  Heather Welch

To date, this event has raised close to $16,000.  Our thanks to the staff who always considered our program and for making us feel so welcome:

Meghan, Heather, Joey, Narissa,Sarah and Alyson.

On behalf of our families, WELL DONE !

Congratulations, you’re all winners.