Cram A Cruiser

Peel ReGional Police 22 Division
“Cram-a-Cruiser” (2009 – 2015)

The Peel Regional Police at 22 Division Headquarters have been working dilligently with local schools since 2009 through their unbelievable “Cram-a-Cruiser” initiatives.  They fill our warehouse time and time again for vulnerable families in Brampton.  To date they have raised over $10,000 in funds, collected and average of 30 cruisers two times or more each year filled with food, toys and clothing.  There really are no words strong enough to express our gratitude for their exceptional endeavours.  These actions have also saved us thousands of dollars we would have had to spend on truck rentals and fuel, saved us countless hours of manpower to pick up food, have inspired more schools to get involved, and stimulated other Police Divisions like 21 to do to host crams for some of our community partners. Talk about domino effect.  WELL DONE !


CRAM-A- CRUISER 2009 - 2013

Cram a Cruiser: 
by peel Regional Police 
Special thanks to Constable Ellen Kean, Constable Sarah Jones & fellow Police Officers At 22 Division  for hosting this incredible event.....  

And to all participants from
2009 - 2015

Fortinos Brisdale

Fortinos Quarry Edge 
Cassie Campbell Recreational Center